For those looking for the audio file I use when I am "Clearing", it's the file below the directions for clearing. Just click and download. The file has been scanned by Stop Sign anti-virus and is clean. I hope it serves you well. And for those who don't have the directions, this is how I was taught to clear...

Directions For Clearing:

First choose a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for at least a half hour. It takes me about 25 minutes, sometimes less depending on how long it's been since I last cleared. You will get better with practice.

     Start the audio file I have to download, or music of your own. Close your eyes and begin taking slow deep breaths through your nose, hold it for 3-5 seconds and slowly breath out through your mouth. Beginning with your feet, focus on relaxing your feet, then your ankles, leg, thigh, waist, abdomen, chest, arms, shoulders, and neck. Relax everything. When you feel you have fully relaxed, then you can begin.

      This part is something you need to visualize in your mind. Imagine your feet turning into roots. Slowly extend them down and into the ground. Continue extending them till you reach the core of the earth. Then slowly draw up the lava, just like a straw. Slowly let it fill your body. Inch by inch. As your reach your neck and finally your head, imagine it turning into a red beam of light and project it upward to (heaven, god or whatever you believe in).

      Then imagine a white light coming back down. Using the lava beam of light to guide it. Let the white light slowly fill your body. Beginning from your head let it move through you down to your feet and back to the center of the earth. Why use any part of the earth? Because we are all connected to it. It's a part of us, and even the earth needs a little healing from time to time. Trust me, it's important.

       Let the white light take up every inch of your body till it's filled your body and expanded into a bubble around your body. Then you can begin to get at the connections. For the ones you know your connected to begin to release the connections. I do it the same as I was taught, but feel free to say what you feel is right for you. This all works on intention, say what you mean, what you want to happen.

        When I do this part, for example I say "I release the emotions, thoughts back to Jack with love and light". Continue for all those you know your connected to, and who energy you know belongs to who. Then you can clear the energy who you don't know who the owner is by saying for example "I release all other energies back to their original owners with love and light".

        That's about it. I normally will just choose to take a few deep breaths at this point and just feel the calming of the love and light that I have just channeled. The first few times I really didn't feel to much. But it's totally different now. When I do it now, at the point where the white light comes down, when it enters my body my whole body begins to tingle. I can feel it coming into my body.

        When I reach the point where I begin to release the connections, I can actually feel when each individual connection is released. It's like nothing I can describe. You have to feel it for yourself. Since learning how to do this, I no longer have to wait for the connection to people to break on their own. In the past, it could take days, weeks and even months for some connections to break. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly at Thank you. Below is the file. Just click it and download.